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Minions (30 min classes)

Blue stage is the perfect way to introduce kids to tennis. These classes focus on hand eye co-ordination, games and motor skills.

Cost: $145 per term


Red Stage (30 & 60 min classes)

Red stage uses 25% compression tennis balls and a mini-court, allowing kids to achieve success with modified equipment.

Cost: $145-$200 per term


Orange Stage (60 min classes)

Orange stage see the kids introduced to a larger court, scoring and match play.

Cost: $200 per term

IMG_9207 2.jpg

Green Stage (60 min classes)

Green stage sees kids take to a full size court and starts to focus more on the tactical side of tennis.

Cost: $200 per term


Squad (90 mins classes)

Squad is a group class aimed at helping tournament players prepare for competition.

Cost: $230 per term


Squad Plus (2 hour classes)

Squad plus is for those high performance players looking to improve. We focus on tactics, matchplay and fitness.

Cost: $260 per term


Adult Clinics (60 & 90 min classes)

Our adult clinics are a great way to make friends and improve your technical skills on the court.

Cost: $200-$250 per term


Cardio Tennis (60 mins classes)

Come and get a sweat on with one of our fun upbeat cardio tennis classes.

Cost: $200 per term


Private Lessons 

Book in some one on one time with one of our qualified coaches.

30min = $45-$60
60mins = $80-$95

(cost depending on coach & time)

Come and hit the
courts with us

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